bloody mary had a story too

25 February 1989
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'Kay, so, I'm going to keep this thing nice, short, and simple! (Or, I'm going to try to and then utterly fail at it)

Call me Kathleen. Or Kell. Or Kitty. Or whatever floats your marbles. I'm eighteen. I'm participating in a little thing called ScriptFrenzy because, yes, I am masochist. Anyway.

This isn't my regular journal. This journal will be exclusively for my script, Blood Tales. It's a horror movie about Bloody Mary and her son, affectionately named Bloody Bones (Bloody Bones being a story my grandma told me when I was little).

Essentially, newlyweds, Unnamed and Unnamed, are scoping out a new house in this little town in some state I haven't picked yet, but it's in the south! So, they go to this one house, but no! That's Bloody Mary's home! And that's where all the bad stuff happens (that's literally all they're told -- "bad stuff happens"). So, they begin snooping around and uncover the story of Bloody Mary and her son, Adam (before "Bloody Bones," you get it). AND BY THE BY, things happen by which matters are resolved and the two lovebirds make it out okay, because I. Love. Happy. Endings. Damnit. Whoo!

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!